U.S. Government: Most People Are Having Their Low Back Pain Mistreated

By Dr. Rick Morris

The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, a branch of Health and Human Services, reviewed all treatments for acute low back pain and developed the following conclusions:

  1. Physical therapy is not cost effective.

  2. Acupuncture is not effective.

  3. Over the counter anti-inflammatory medication worked as well as prescription ones (Cox-2 inhibitors were not included in the study).

  4. Sclerotherapy and Prolotherapy are not effective.

  5. The use of cortisone injections should be used only in cases of sciatic pain which radiates down the leg and doesn’t respond to conservative therapy.

  6. Surgery is over used and should be offered in less then 1% of cases.

  7. Rest should be given initially for 24-48 hours.

  8. Early movement that is tolerable should be initiated after 48 hours.

  9. Cushioning in shoes can be helpful.

  10. Spinal adjustments are the only active form of therapy given by a professional which is helpful.

Since most doctors and patients are not aware of this report, patients all around the country are needlessly suffering and being mistreated. There are many treatments available for severe back problems that have better short and long term benefits over spinal surgery, epidural injections and long term pain medications. Our office is aware of the latest advances and are free to discuss these alternatives with you.

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