Can A Chiropractic Treatment Stop A Heart Attack?


By Dr. Rick Morris

…Probably not one that’s in progress. In fact, coming to our office first would be a significant mistake. But the question is not as preposterous as you might think.

While most of our patients receive treatment for low back pain, headaches, sciatica or a swollen knee-- what you may not realize is that most nerves that leave your spine are not sensitive to pain! That “pinched nerve” that brought you in to our office was probably the least important of the nerves that may have been compressed. Between your vertebrae leave three types of nerves:

  • A sensory or pain sensitive nerve,
  • A motor nerve that can cause muscular spasm, weakness or atrophy, and
  • A visceral nerve which control your organs and blood vessels.

That’s right, a visceral nerve (also called an autonomic nerve). But, when a visceral nerve is compressed there are usually no symptoms. You may be suffering from other health concerns without any idea that the cause or an association may be in your spine. It’s usually unrecognized or overlooked.

The nerves that connect your brain to the rest of your body often go through your spine and allow the body to function properly. When the nerves are blocked, even partially, your health suffers. Of course we are not saying that all illness starts this way. In fact, there are many causes of disease and we practice all forms of prevention including nutrition, exercise, stress management, functional laboratory tests and even genetic testing. The one cause of illness that is often overlooked is Visceral Nerve Interference (VNI). Be sure to let us know if you have a history of organic disease and have us check to be sure that the nerve supply to that area is completely unimpeded.

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