Our office works by appointment only because we value your time, and desire to serve you efficiently. Every effort is made to see our scheduled patients on time.

We pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive and effective treatment approaches available for treating very severe and chronic cases. We do our best to predict how long each patient will need with the doctor during their visit and we leave openings in our schedule to accommodate unexpected problems as they arise. Despite this, occasionally there may be delays in the schedule and we ask for your patience and understanding if and when they occur. Since the majority of our programs consist of a more aggressive approach, so that we could provide immediate relief to our patients, we cater to providing longer open hours for appointments in our office to best accommodate our patients and their busy schedules.  We appreciate your understanding and will try to assist your needs as best as we can.

We encourage you, during office visits, to ask for a full explanation of your treatment. Do not leave with unanswered questions. You have a complete right to ask for all that we can answer concerning your condition. 


Appointment Cancelation Policy

How many times have you attempted to schedule an appointment with your doctor only to find out that the schedule is full? Unfortunately, some patients are unable to keep scheduled appointments without calling us or canceling. This problem decreases our ability to see patients like you, when you need to see your doctor urgently. If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we certainly will understand, but please kindly notify us at least 24 hours in advance to avoid an administrative fee.

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