Genbook Reviews



July 4, 2018
Ligaya Sabadisto
"Dr. Morris and his team were very kind and compassionate. They provided high quality care and delivered as promised. We would highly recommend them"


June 30, 2018
Deborah Suluvale
Spinal Stenosis & Disc Center
"Both Dr. Morris & Dr. Le are extremely knowledgeable, proficient, & amicable; they genuinely desire for their patients, complete healing. Each doctor has a unique touch in stretching methods, but their goal is one in treating patients; they offer the best training that patients can develop into lifetime practices. Their competence & warmth is inviting; massage therapists Abraham & Steven, office workers Daniel & Stacy all demonstrate great competence & friendliness. They are the best!"



June 20, 2018
Heather L
Lumbar exam
"Overall, I had a great evaluation of of my lower back and knee pain. Doctors are kind and considerate and I am expecting to get well soon."


June 19, 2018
Jonathan W.
Positive results for someone with herniated discs and chronic back pin
"I have had multiple injuries to my lower back over the past 18 years, including 3 herniated disc injuries, all to the same disc. I tried many different avenues for treatment with no pain relief. After living with constant pain for a years I found Dr Morris and made an appointment for a consultation. I decided to do his program. It has been 3 mo. Now and I am now pain free! I am very thankful to Dr. Morris, Dr Lee, and the whole staff."


June 10, 2018
Kim scarritt
Like No Other
"The most exceptional , extraordinary, kind , genuinely caring and respectful doctors office I have ever experienced in my life !! Dr. Morris is a doctor who is genuinely cares about his patients. It shows in the generous giving of his time during your intake and exams. Additionally, he is beyond through and detailed in every way. The forms he has you fill out are a clear example of the extraordinary detailed care you will receive from Dr. Morris and his entire staff. Excellent & exceptional !"


Apr 29, 2018
Joyce Tanisaka
Oh what a relief!
"What a relief to know that the staff of The Morris Spinal Stenosis is always there to come to bring me back to life again. I started with Dr. Rick Morris and Dr. Le has been treating me as well. BOTH of whom are excellent. When my neck, shoulders, arms start to stiffen, so goes my concentration, everything appears foggy, and balance is off centered. With their recommended stretches and treatment BEFORE PAIN SETS ON, in no time I feel alert, flexible & ALIVE again! "


Apr 17, 2018
"It’s important in some cases to be treated by someone who actually knows how you feel and has been through the pains that you have. When I sat down with Dr. Morris it was a big relief actually talking to someone who understood what my body is going through and how it can effect you not only physically but mentally. I’m excited about the months to come and if you have un ending back problems don’t hesitate to give them a visit! "


Apr 7, 2018
John Embry
Fantastic people
"Dr. Morris, his team, and their program are top notch. Not only do they find and treat your injury, they also get to the root of the problem and give you the tools to keep it from reoccurring. I can’t recommend them enough. "


Mar 4, 2018
Sandy G
Excellent Except for Timing
"I saw Dr. Morris for a consultation for a family member in another state. He was knowledgeable, friendly, explained a lot to me about how his treatment works, AND listened to me and answered my questions. I am recommending him wholeheartedly to my sister."


Feb 26, 2018
John Barbao
Getting closer!
"Started program in oct 2017, it’s now feb 2018 and my body is finally healing. Started with the trainer and have been working diligently on my stretches and core to strengthen my core area. Things are going well but it has been hard work. I am ok with working hard since it am getting food results! Thanks to the Dr’s and staff. You have helped me get my active life back."


Feb 2, 2018
Karen McLoughlin
Steady progress
"Steady progress takes time, patience, and a commitment to the stretching exercises. Most of all it requires a team of outstanding skilled healers who really care about the patients. Dr. Morris, Dr. Li, Abraham, Danny, and Stacy are that team. Thanks to them I see improvement and have learned buckets about strengthening my back and managing my sciatica. I am hopeful for the future."


Feb 1, 2018
Rebecca A
"Wow! For the first time in years I am feeling so much better. Dr. Morris and Dr. Le have worked miracles on my herniated disk since February 2017. I could barely walk when I came to the office. I went through terrible depression and I was overwhelmed in pain. I don't know how many times I cried in front of Dr. Morris. My flexibility has really come back, my sciatica pain has been cut by 75% and I am back to a positive self. I know it is a journey but I see THE light at the end of the tunnel."


Jan 25, 2018
John Barbao
Getting better
"Been seeing Dr Morris and Dr Le since Oct 2017 and am making good progress. In the beginning I think I was a mess. After dealing with low back pain for 5 years all of my prior athletic ability had been smothered with pain and tightness. Good news is, it’s Jan 2018 and flexibility is back and I am slowly getting back to working out a little at a time and feeling more like ME again.. it’s a life process. I have learned a lot. Thanks "


Jan 4, 2018
Vicky Arnold
"A year ago I could not even drive to the market (2 blocks away) for food due to extreme pain. I am forever grateful to Dr. Morris & Dr. Le and the trainer whom they recommended, for enabling me to again walk freely, exercise, drive and basically live again. The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center and my trainer will be in my life forever because it's a total system that truly works."


Dec 21, 2017
john barbao
Getting back to being me!
"I have been on a journey to find someone who cared enough to help me get back to being me. 5 years worth of doctors and therapists telling me they have the technique that works was tiresome and depressing! Dr morris understands and has lived it as well. I am not where I want to be yet and the rehab process is tough but, things are getting better!! Thanks again for all that you do for your patients... Fight the good fight!"


Dec 18, 2017
Jim S
"Dr. Morris and Dr. Le are the difference between being able to carry on a difficult career versus sitting at home in pain. I can't say it any better or any plainer."


Nov 19, 2017
john barbao
"I have had my low back issue for 5 years. I have been chiropractors, acupuncture, prolotherapy, Massage, physical therapy and have had 2 MRI’s and 3 cortisone injections. Then I found Dr Morris! Finally a doctor that went through what I am going through. The process is good, definitely hard but I feel I am headed in the right direction.. thanks for being there Doc.. Finally someone that can help me... "


Nov 14, 2017
Non surgical fix
"As a yoga therapist, my daughter opened my eyes to The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center. After experiencing pain and much discomfort I dreaded talking to a neurosurgeon, fearing my only alternative was surgery. Dr Morris was thorough and reassuring with an incredible bedside manner! He explained pros and cons of all possibilities never pushing his personal preference on me. I look forward to starting a therapy program with him and putting my pain behind me."


Oct 25, 2017
Rita George
All I wished for and MORE
"Like so many of the Morris Spinal Stenosis "graduates,", I tried acupuncture, chiropractors,various Physical Therapies, and finally surgery ,with occasional but not lasting relief. Hopelessness took over in a 11 month painful period ,& I was truly depressed, though ordinarily an optimistic person.I immediately responded to Dr. Morris' warmth and expertise, he had "been there" like me, through failed therapies.I adore the wonderful staff, Daniel,gifted PT Will & Abraham, & very knowledgeable Dr.L"


Oct 22, 2017
Marilyn Dorlac
Getting my life back
"To early right now to say, since I just met Dr. Morris. But I can tell you that I am forever greatful after meeting him! I have new hope, and appreciation for my recovery from "Hell!" Thanks to Dr. Morris abd his team of well guided professionals that have the expertise to help us to get our quality of life back through a dedicated program that offers improvement to anyone who will say yes to Dr. Morris's, "Award Winning Program!" I say , Yes! Thanks for all of your years of dedication!"


Oct 1, 2017
Jill Frank
Simply the best
"The program works. After more than a decade of low back pain- always omnipresent, sometimes completely debilitating- I am back to my 'old' self. I committed to the initial 26 session series, and with Chiro appointments that integrate adjustments, massage and decompression, plus daily stretching (when I'm good) and several times a week (when I'm not so good), my back is 110% better. Drs Morris and Li and the entire staff provide a protocol that is unusual ... because it works. "


Sep 29, 2017
Shearen Johnson
Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Morris for giving me back my life!
"I’m 84 and saw Dr. Morris for pain due to herniated discs & spinal stenosis. I couldn’t sleep, tie my shoes, or stand for more than 5 minutes without serious pain. After several months of treatment, I’ve resumed exercising and all my normal daily activities. Dr. Morris is caring, compassionate, and an exceptional listener and communicator. He and his entire staff are kind, attentive, super friendly, & very responsive to patient needs. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Morris for giving me back my life!"


Sep 17, 2017
Philip D
Dr. Morris helped me believe I could get better!
"After a back injury, I spent a year seeing many specialists but nothing helped. Then I started seeing Dr. Morris & saw slow, but consistent improvement. Now I’m doing normal activities again & visit Dr. Morris infrequently. While my back was at its worst, I also feared I’d never get better, I worried about every setback. Dr. Morris talked me through this. I joked he was my back doctor and my psychologist. But there’s truth to this, Dr. Morris made me believe that I could get better. And I did."


Sep 14, 2017
Christie John
Light at the end of the tunnel
"I was feeling hopeless at the end of July. I researched the Morris centerSXM) and felt I had to give it a try. The experience has been very positive so far. My excruciating pain and headaches have decreased. The treatments were challenging initially. However, when you perform the home exercises diligently, you begin to see the improvement. I'm confident that I'll be able to perform my activities of daily living without pain at the end of the tx schedule."


Sep 11, 2017
"I've been treating with Dr. Morris and Dr. Lee for several months now for chronic low back pain, and I cannot say enough positive things about them and their staff. Everyone at this office is incredibly kind, friendly, and accommodating. Dr. Morris is extremely dedicated to his patients and has spent hours with me discussing my condition and trying to help me get to the root of my problem and determine the appropriate treatment. Dr. Lee has been extremely accommodating in fitting me into his bu"


Sep 3, 2017
Ken M
Great visit
"The treatments are working and my back pain has disappeared. The physical treatments are working on reducing my right thigh numbness. Awesome!"


Aug 26, 2017
Joyce Tanisaka
"My neck, shoulders, back and knee problems seem to arise (where I am bedridden) only after not taking care to follow Dr. Le's and Dr. Rick's advise to come in more frequently. Since going on a regular basis, my pain have subsided to 1-ZERO. Their advise not only includes what I should or should not be doing but WHY it's occurring and what he is doing to relieve the pain. Very professional, thorough and knowledgeable in other medical aspects as well. They have made life at 73 worthwhile!!!"


Aug 21, 2017
Anne Sutton
Better and Better
"I 've had about 15 appointments and even with a break in between (where my schedule wouldn't allow) my pain level is down from a 9 or 10 to a 6 or lower. I was unable to dress myself unless sitting down and I could not exercise or stretch without sever pain. Dr. Morris, Dr. Lee and all their staff have been patient, understanding, and always willing to help in any way. I have never met a more capable and caring staff or Doctors. I have t always been a skeptic but now I believe."


Aug 16, 2017
"I've had about 10 appointments and my back pain has reduced to pain level of 3 or below. I can walk a significant distance though I still need to rest occasionally. The staff is kind, helpful, and encouraging beyond the specific office visit--even set me up with a ride from uber"


Aug 10, 2017
John Woodward
Life Changer, Best Staff and Doctors
"Dr. Morris's program of spinal decompression, chiropractic care and home exercises have provided me with the first pain relief and true mobility in eight years. I am 23 years old and had 2 failed back surgeries for a genetic spinal defect when I was 15 and 16. Dr. Morris and his team broke up the scar tissue around my fusion and neurostimulator, allowing me to rotate again. After almost a year of decompression therapy, I am an inch taller, my pain has been cut in half, and I can even play golf"


Aug 5, 2017
Andrea Wishnow
"I have had about 14 appointments so far and already feel a difference with my pain. I have actually left the office and said I felt perfect. I was told that although that was a temporary perfect feeling, that I will soon see that those periods of feeling perfect willl last longer and longer. Dr Morris and Dr Lee are very professional and the staff is amazingly nice and helpful."


June 19, 2017
Dr. Jeffrey T
"Drs. Morris & Dr. Le provide a personal & complete program of chiropractic care, spinal decompression, and home exercise with the services of a personal trainer to help you get the home exercise program right. Another spinal decompression clinic several years prior just provided the decompression with no real info on maintenance. Non-surgical spinal decompression is definitely the way to go for spine and disc problems before considering surgical intervention except in the most extreme cases."


June 9, 2017
B. D. O.
Amazing team with techniques that work.
"Not only is the staff friendly, they truly care about your health and wanting you to get better. Their methods, planning, along with directions on what to do when at home, have helped tremendously! Thank you! "


June 7, 2017
Janice Canto
Program relieved pain
"I have 2 bulging discs & arthritis in both hips. I was in so much pain & didn't know what to do when I started at the center. It was a 15 & they brought it down to a 4. Neither I nor they had any way of knowing the cause of the pain but obviously it helped. My back & thigh muscles were so contracted, stiff & painful & they relieved a lot of that pain. Did I need this program, it was costly, or just the recent total hip replacement? I will never know but the pain is now gone after surgery."


June 4, 2017
K. Wagner
So Far so Good!
"Have only been going for two weeks...have alot of hope. I have 4 bad discs... Haven't felt any hope for nearly a year. soreness and stiffness..but feel that I am going to get better and belief is at least half or more on the way to healing! The Staff here is caring and kind! ONLY time will tell if this type of therapy truly works for me...I have tried everything else except surgery, which I REALLY don't want!"


May 18, 2017
Christina D
Best Doctors
"I can't say enough great things about Dr. Morris and Dr. Le. They are both so knowledgeable and truly caring. Dr. Morris' initial assessment is the most thorough exam you'll ever receive; I wish all doctors would give this much time and attention to a patient in pain. The treatments are gentle, but effective - it takes time, but Dr. Morris and Dr. Le will help you find the root cause of your problem and fix it. "


May 12, 2017
Philip D
Help for Back Injuries
"After a back injury I spent a year seeing many specialists but nothing helped much. Then I started seeing Dr. Morris and saw slow, but consistent improvement. Now I’m doing normal activities again & only visiting Dr. Morris once every 2 weeks. I also feared I’d never get better, I worried about every setback. Dr. Morris talked me through this. I joked he was my back doctor and my psychologist. But there’s truth to this, Dr. Morris made me believe that I could get better. And I did. "


May 5, 2017
Paul Battles
On the road to healing
"I just started the treatments for the therapeutic massage and the decompression should start soon. I really appreciate the professional staff and their knowledge. "


Mar 16, 2017
Karen M
Excellent Team of Healers
"I applaud Dr. Morris and Dr. Lee for leading an outstanding chiropractic team of professional healers. The chiropractic adjustments, decompression treatments and therapeutic massages along with home exercises have helped my sciatica pain immensely. With more time for exercises and maintenance treatments, I hope to see even further progress which means less pain and discomfort. Kudos to them and Will, Abraham, Danny, Joel and Stacy. "


Mar 11, 2017
Lauree Stone Haskell
The Highest Ratings
"Dr. Morris and the entire staff at the Morris Disc Center provide the highest level of treatment. The level of competence is superior as is the sensitivity and compassion for how the pain has effected me. I have so much gratitude for the help I have been provided. A huge shout out to Danny, Abraham, Will and of course Dr. Lee and Dr. Morris. Physically and emotionally my treatment and experience has been superior."


Feb 24, 2017
iraj jourabchi
Knowledge, service
"Dr Morris is a very knowledgeable Doctor, he would treat your symptoms as he promise, and at the end of the treatments you could go back to s normal life "


Feb 4, 2017
Charles Bero
Exam and interview with Dr Morris
"Had no idea what to expect. Never had any pain in back leg foot area like this before.Was hardly able to walk bent over wth a cane Reassured me that he would find out my problem. Then had most thorough exam. Starting from center of my back to hip and down side of both legs and my ankle feet and toes. Dr also told me of his own back problems and how he decided to help others because of his personal experience. He made me 100% confident that he will find a way to help me. Thank you Dr "


Feb 3, 2017
Ben Chavez
Degenerated L5/S1 with herniation
"Dr. Rick and Dr. Le are awesome. They are very knowledgable and figured out a plan of attack from day 1 after reviewing my MRI. After living in hopeless pain for 15 months with no relief and surgery as my only option, I am finally starting to feel the pain decrease from a 9 to about a 5 only 1 month into the program. Their staff is friendly and you feel like they all truely care about your well being. I am a true believer thus far and now feel hopeful that I will have my normalcy back. "


Feb 2, 2017
iraj jourabchi
"Great staff, professional doctors and knowledgable . On time. I have improvement with the treatment, I highly recommend them."


Jan 30, 2017
Susan (PHONE CALL) Seaver
Consolidation only
"Spoke on the phone to the doctor he answered my questions. It was nice that he called me and spoke to me in person."


Nov 16, 2016
Joyce Tanisaka
Awaken from pain/stiffness/foggy days
"I have arthritis in my neck, scars from past surgery in my neck and during times of stress, I stiffen till I am barely able to concentrate, turn my neck or maintain my balance. Whenever Dr. Morris, Dr. Le and the massage therapist treats me, I leave there feeling alert, my balance improved to a point where I can step down a short curb without fear of falling, concentration improves and best of all can sleep through the night! I am 72 yrs. old and Don't know what my life would be without them."


Nov 12, 2016
Verified patient
Expensive but worth trying!
"Excellent, caring, warm, courteous & pleasant group of care providers (Dr. Morris, Dr. Peter Le, Abraham, and Will) who were involved in my treatment. I could never ask for anyone better than these people. Dr. Morris, senior doc, is intelligent, gentle, compassionate & experienced. Dr. Peter Le, young doc, the HARDEST working, compassionate, intelligent, highly motivated doc, ever seen, AMAZING! I'm still undergoing treatment. My body hasn't responded to treatment as expected."


Sep 29, 2016
Mark Steiner
Saved From Surgery
"I was destined for surgery until I met RIck Morris. Because of the obvious improvement from intensive treatments and specialized care, spinal fusion surgery is now not necessary. Dr. Morris and Dr. Le, together with all their therapists, trainer and caring staff have changed my life, and the prayers of my family have been answered. I can't encourage you enough; be committed to this program and get well. Dr. Morris has become monumental in my life for which I will be forever grateful."


Sep 16, 2016
Karen McLoughlin
Exactly what I needed
"Very knowledgeable and professional staff of doctors and massage therapists. You receive thorough examinations and plenty of time for diagnosis and treatment. "


Aug 26, 2016
Todd Michaud
Found the right place.
"Consistent 5 star service and more importantly..RESULTS..from the Dr's, therapists and support staff. Highly changing."


Aug 5, 2016
Henry Schwake
Office Visit
"Once I got past the office confusion about my reservation ( which I would give one star) my eventual appointment with Dr Morris was as always a 5 star experience. The front office definitely needs to get organized !!!"


July 17, 2016
Jeffrey Howell
Insurance Claims are Terrible
"Dr. Morris and his staff are friendly and caring. The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is due to the way they handle claims. I paid them in full and what I get in return is an extremely slow billing process, incorrect billing to my insurance, and excuses due to this process. I have been going to see Dr. Morris for approx. 4 months and my insurance has not received one correct claim from Dr. Morris's office."


July 12, 2016
jimmy fong
morris spinal center
"overall no complaints. But be aware that individual situiations vary.Prices are at the high end but worth it if you get better"


July 10, 2016
Bradley Condon
Absolute best
"Good people. Great service. The best treatment. I would recommend to anyone. Very thorough and caring unlike other places. "


June 21, 2016
Joyce Tanisaka
Decrease Health Ins. through Morris treatments!
"I have been seeing Dr. Morris for over 5 years and Dr. Le during the past year. My problems ranged from Sciatica through, problems with twisted ribs, excruciating pain from my neck, shoulders, and upper back preventing me from doing daily simple functions such as driving. Through all of this, the only place able to FIX the problem was DR. MORRIS AND DR LIN. who saved my Insurance large sums of $$$...."


May 23, 2016
Claudia D
"Dr. Morris was very thorough with evaluating and finding the original cause of my problem before suggesting his treatment. His adjustments were gentle but exact. He also gave me lots of tips and advice how to prevent future problems, starting from how to sit and hold my body to which yoga poses to do and not to do, and I am still doing great thanks to his advice. I found him a real gem and highly recommend Dr. Rick Morris, very thorough and knowledgeable."


May 22, 2016
Judith Bedrosian
No More Shots and Pills
"No one knew how to help my low back pain. I tried chiropractic and osteopathic, shots and pills. Nothing helped...well, the epidurals did help for awhile, but it all came back in January and I spent the next 4 months on a chaise. I found The Morris Center on the Internet while I was reading about Stenosis. The day after my third treatment I awoke with NO PAIN. I can't say enough about Drs. Morris and Le. The staff cares about the patients and the office is run very efficiently. Thank you."


May 11, 2016
Louise L
They Leave No Stone Unturned
"I give the Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center the highest possible rating! They have taken my almost impossible situation and turned it into a pleasant and hopeful experience. Both doctors are gifted with excellent and very special talent. They leave no stone unturned. The entire staff is always very helpful and kind. I can’t speak highly enough of this really unique team! My deepest gratitude to this center! "


May 4, 2016
Mark Steiner
Insurance Adjuster
"After having seen many doctors over several years I was very happy with my exam from Dr. Morris. He was able to better pinpoint and explain to me the condition of stenosis than all the other doctors combined. I'm looking forward to returning, and am very encouraged about his treatment and recommendations."


Apr 16, 2016
Nasser Mohamed
Got my life back
"I have several herniated discs in my neck. I couldn't stand, sit, wash my face, brush my teeth, or put my socks on without feeling excruciating pain. My work and social life came to a sudden halt. After only 3 or 4 sessions with Dr. Morris I experienced major reduction in pain. In less than two months I was able to stop all pain medication completely. Dr. Morris, Dr. Le and the rest of the staff are truly great people. Know your options. Give Dr. Morris a call. I'm very grateful I did."


Mar 18, 2016
Henry Schwake
Check up
"Returned for the first time in months for a check up and review. Wonderful as always. Dr. Morris's program has changed my life from one of misery and thoughts of permanent pains of many sorts to an almost natural life. No long hikes for me, but previously, a long hike was out to the garage. Standing for a few minutes was painful and only a chair or bed was my refuge."


Feb 27, 2016
Mike B
Dr. Morris
"Dr. Morris combines intelligence, compassion and experience, especially with several difficult to treat injuries. If you are searching to improve pain, consider him."


Feb 10, 2016
Joyce Tanisaka
Never thought I would be pain free....!
"Though excercising and stretching as much as I could, there is nothing that can compare. I thought pain was a part of aging. NOT SO, Dr. Morris and Dr. Lee helps you UNDERSTAND y why pain is occurring, has updated medical knowledge and skills. I am 72 and would have been stuck with a walker, taking medications, and had unnecessary surgery. Finally, living PAIN FREE makes life worthwhile! "


Jan 31, 2016
Jim S
Career Prolonging
"Without Dr. Morris, Dr. Lee and the support team I would be spending my days in a painful retirement. With them on my "sideline", I can continue a challenging professional career. What more can I say? Highly recommended."


Jan 21, 2016
Todd Michaud
Life changing.
"Dr. Lee, Dr. Morris and support team, are consumate Experts. Not only did I avoid serious neck quality of life has improved exponentially. And, they are full service..not just an adjustment and you're out the door. They utilize muscle work, amazing spinal decompression and flawless, specific adjustments. I've been to chiropractors on and off for over 20 years. This is by far, my best experience. The price vs. value is fair. I highly recommend this office. Cheers! "


Jan 17, 2016
Kathy M
Dr. Morris
"All of the staff is pleasant and caring. I am halfway through the treatment and am still in pain but it has decreased greatly. It is a long drive for me but worth it. Thanks Dr. Morris and staff."


Jan 11, 2016
Cuc Nguyen
Not condemned to live in pain anymore ...
"By the time I landed at Dr. Rick Morris's office, my lower back pain was so unbearable that I started to look at any chair as a tortured device from the medieval. I could not sit more than 5 minutes without a shot of pain jolt through my lower back and left legs. I slept haphazardly with a nagging pain. Dr. Morris immediately put me on a plan to cure me. I am almost free from pain now, a testimony to both his skill and his compassionate care toward his patient."


Nov 2, 2015
Jim S
Ultimate expertise in spinal stenosis "For me, Dr. Morris and Dr. Le are career savers. Pain is gone and I am functional again including walking and standing. When I foolishly slacked off on the the regimen I had a painful relapse. I learned my lesson to stay on the Morris / Le plan. I am good again post relapse."


Oct 18, 2015
Henry Schwake
Once Again
"Once again my visit was rewarding with some new insight and knowledge to help continue my very good recovery from the effects of spinal stenosis. Prior to starting the program I was a partial cripple on a cane and had numerous pains in by back, sides and abdominal areas. The change has been wonderful. Walking, standing etc with very little bother."


Oct 11, 2015
Emmy W
Still doing great
"I recently went to Dr. Morris for a follow up visit. It had been 5 months since my last treatment with him and I wanted to make sure that my back is still in proper aliment. I no longer have the pain going down my leg and lower back. I do my exercises daily and that keeps the pain away. I will continue to visit Dr. Morris and Dr.Le 2-3 times a year to ensure I am pain free. "


Sep 17, 2015
Betsee F
Never give up!
"After 29 sessions with doctors Morris and Le and their time-proven procedures I am finally turning the corner in my struggle to be healed from disabling excruciating pain in my lower back. Up until then I wasn't sure these procedures were going to work but since my only other option was surgery I resolved to continue. It's working! My remedy is not a quick fix, I wish it were, but a long haul. I am a professional athlete and plan to continue training and competing thanks to these good doctors."


Sep 14, 2015
Henry S
Near Total Recovery
"I first visited the Morris Center in Late May of 2015 when I went in with the aid of a cane. I was suffering from 5 lumbar compression fractures, further complicated by Advanced Prostate Cancer which had metastasized to my bones including the spine.Fortunately no metastasis in the lumbar region. My MRI indicated spinal stenosis which my spine specialist said was inoperable unless I wanted to try surgery at a University Hospital. No Way. Now after 3 months I am leading a fairly normal life!"


Aug 30, 2015
Jim S
"Dr. Morris and Dr. Lee have taken away my pain and put me back on track in my career. Truly amazing. (Professional - age 65)"


Aug 16, 2015
Jose Lomeli
First appointment
"I was a great experience to meet someone who has actually knows exactly what you're going through. The doctor was very knowledgeable and patient with his questions, very nice person."


Aug 4, 2015
1 Month
"1 month in to treatment for L5/S1 disc herniation and have seen a huge reduction in pain. Long way to go but so far so good. Great team."


July 28, 2015
Henry Schwake
Half Way Through
"Now that I seem to be about half way through my treatment for spinal stenosis, I am pleased to report that I have much less pain and the ability to accomplish many more normal daily activities than before I started the program. Standing and walking are both dramatically improved. I am looking forward to the remaining treatment and expecting even further gains."


June 28, 2015
Donnie K
Neck Spasm
"I have known Rick Morris for over 25 years. Throughout that time, he has managed my back, knee, and now neck pain. I was in major neck spasm and excruciating pain. I was able to get into the office the same day and Dr. Lee was the magic. He took great care and time to explain what was going on and after a good amount of time, he was able to loosen the knots that I thought would take forever to move.These doctors are experts and kind and thorough. Going back."


June 21, 2015
Henry Schwake
Spinal Stenosis Improvement
"I would have been very skeptical if it were not for all of the great reviews I had read prior to my first visit. That first visit featured an extremely thorough analysis of my problem by Dr. Morris. The first treatments I had merely covered some basic exercises for me. I was pleasantly surprised that just doing these exercises, which mainly seemed to be painless stretches at the clinic and home seemed to help my back problem more than I would have thought at that point. Now even more improvement"


June 18, 2015
Arthur Levine
Hamstring Injury
"Over the last 10 years Dr. Morris and Dr.Lee have provided me with excellent healing care for several Martial Art related injuries ... they are always warm and courteous, educating me in the process... educating me on the nature of the injury and how the body heals."


June 12, 2015
Initial Consult
" An ortho/pain specialist referred me to Dr. Rick Morris. After spending an hour or more with Dr. Morris I was impressed by his thorough examination and unhurried discussion about my condition. At our next appointment, with the aid of a new standing x-ray of my hips & spine, we will determine whether or not my pain would be relieved by his treatment center. I'm looking forward to it."


June 10, 2015
Initial Consult
"I met with Dr Rick Morris for an initial consult, thinking that it would last 15 to 20 minutes, but no more than 30. It lasted almost an hour. It was comfortable, fun and informative. I have made an appointment for an exam by Dr. Morriis that will not be free, but I am anticipating that I will get my $325 worth in the form of good information about my spinal stenosis and of a recommended course of action to mitigate it."


June 3, 2015
Stanley O Epstein
The pain diminished down from a 10 to a 3
"After months of epidural sciatic pain relief injections from the pain doctor with my HMO, I was told by my HMO surgeons that surgery was the remaining alternative with only a 50% chance of success. I found, and enrolled in, the program of Dr. Rick Morris. The pain started out at a highest of 10. After 5 months, the pain was reduced to a 3 and lower ever since then. Thank you Dr. Morris and staff. You have really helped ."


May 27, 2015
Richard Powelson
"I saw Dr. Morris seeking alternative methods to treat many issues I have. He spent quite a bit of time with me explaining my conditions and making me feel extremely comfortable. I liked the fact that he has been thorough much of what I am going through ,and worse, and knows what I am experiencing first hand. His caring demeanor and calm attitude really put me at ease. I am looking forward to further treatments with him and his team of proffesionals."


May 16, 2015
Henry S
Initial Meeting
"The most extensive and complete exam I have ever had with a Dr. I believe he truly knows his buisness and I am looking forward to the program."



May 14, 2015
One of a kind
"The truth is that Dr. Morris' treatment works! If he sais he can help you and you do your exercises, it will happen. The pain will go away. It happened to me. Thank you Dr. Morris and the entire staff."


May 13, 2015
Jahandar E
Consultation with Dr. Morris
"On May 11, 2015, I had a consultation session with Dr. Morris due to my sciatica pain problem. He spent plenty of time reviewing my MRIs and examining me thoroughly. He then explained to me his findings and the treatment options I have. I honestly found him a doctor who really cares about his patients. Wishing him the best."


May 2, 2015
Joyce Tanisaka
Cervicocranial Syndrome
"After going going to Primary Dr., ENT specialists, neurologists, and years of not knowing why, my balance was off, clicking in my head, extreme sensitivity to light, I started to believe it was all just part of aging for no one could come up with a solution, except take a pill. A sea sick pill. AFTER treated by Dr. Morris, my head feels as though it can breath again. My posture is improving. I can now concentrate and focus! ARIGATOO-RICK AND STAFF!!"


Apr 26, 2015
Stanley O Epstein
At long last, help.
"After many months of pain and the periodic inconvenience of epidural injections and the doctors admonition:"We've done all we can short of surgery and with that, there's only a 50% chance of success, I found Dr. Morris. I entered his program in January of 2014 with a pain of 10 (the worst) and by May of 2014, the pain was down to a 3 and has been comfortable ever since."


Apr 23, 2015
Jim S
Dr. Morris is Special
"I am just starting the Dr. Morris solution to treat my disc and stenosis problems. Right now (pre treatment) my leg pain is significant. He has solved such conditions for my family members. I am hoping for a similar result. My initial impressions are: 1. His knowledge and understanding of my condition are special. 2. His technology is amazing. 3. In Dr. I have found the right solution. ...and I recognize that much of the successful result depends upon me."


Apr 17, 2015
In good hands
"I am impressed by Dr. Morris's holistic approach to physical problems. His evaluation is very comprehensive, including emotional and social dimensions, and because of this, I feel he is able to develop a multifaceted treatment and treats the whole person. He explains everything very thoroughly and listens to the patient. I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Morris each time, because I know I'm in good hands."


Apr 13, 2015
Someone who actually listens!
"Dr. Morris will actually listen to what you say, and more importantly, what your body says. Initially, part of my treatment I didn't feel was related to my symptoms, but as I did what the Dr. ordered, my condition improved! Finally, relief!"


Mar 23, 2015
Vince Kelvin
Dr. Morris gave me my life and my dreams BACK!
"The pain of being so incapacitated was as intense as the constant discomfort. After an extended stay in rehab, medication was no longer an option. Sleepless nights, depression, and the fading away of the active life I had so cherished found me so bitter, fearful, and helpless, I had given up. But the magic of Dr. Morris, finds me today able to exercise, travel, and despite other doctors telling me nothing could be done, am now back to full health. I'll forever be grateful! THANK YOU!"


Mar 15, 2015
Stanley O Epstein
I'm very happy to have found Dr. Morris
"During the end of 2013, my epidural injections to temporarily relieve the sciata in my left "Glute" was no longer effective. the surgeons at my HMO told me that the only remaining alternative was major surgery with only a 50% chance of success. I found Dr. Morris, interviewed with him, was examined by him, he reviewed my MRI and told me he thought he could help me. I started his program in January 2014 and by May of 2014 my pain had decreased from a 10 on a scale of 10 down to a 3. "


Mar 11, 2015
"Finally someone who listens and puts all the pieces together instead of just looking at one part and saying, "that shouldn't be causing pain"..."


Mar 8, 2015
Karen Brickell
Making an informed decision
"Dr. Morris is a very informed, comforting man. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc and spinal stenosis, then rediagnosed with hip issues. I need a hip replacement, but wanted the Dr's opinion of what came first. He was very direct and honest, which I highly value by telling me to correct the hip issue that had caused the bulging disc and then come back to him for treatment. He was also great about answering my e-mail questions in a very timely manner. His front office staff is very helpful."


Feb 28, 2015
Scott Dahlberg
Much improved lower back
"Dr Morris' treatment for spinal stenosis and lower back problems really works. I had a lower back problem for 29 years due to a car accident. I tried many different treatments with mixed results. I have been under the care of Dr Morris for the last 6 months and have seen marked improvement in the lower back. Every morning I do 45 minutes of stretching exercises as part of the program. I highly recommend Dr Morris' treatment program."


Feb 13, 2015
Robert Cox
Introductory Discussion
"Dr. Morris approach exceeded my expections and was additionally encouraged since he too has/had spinal stenosis as many of us do..but his experience fortifies value of his treatments."


Jan 25, 2015
Stanley O Epstein
Bye bye to intractable and disabling pain
"I started with Dr. Morris Center in January of 2014 with a pain in my gluteus maximus (buttock, to you) of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. By May of 2014, the pain was down to a 3. This translated into my being able to function relatively normally again. At age 87, I don't expect to be able to play tennis or ride a bike the way I used to. But I'm happily able to function in a normal and relatively painless manner. thank you Dr. Morris and staff."


Jan 14, 2015
Eugenia R
"I visited Dr. Morris. in August, 2014, feeling helpless with my challenges. After his thorough consultation, & my medical discussions, it was determined I would benefit on his program. Although there is no cure for the above illnesses, the treatment that I received afforded me, more muscle strength, less weakness & pain, & helped me to walk with more mobility . Drs. Morris & Lee have taught me to manage my life again. Thank you. I plan to do a maintenance program soon . Wonderful ! "




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