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Dec 31, 2014
There is hope!
"I came to see Dr. Morris at the end of September 2014 for pain in my lower back that radiate down my right leg. After a thorough two hour explanation of my condition followed by a detailed examination Dr. Morris determined that I am a good candidate for his spinal stenosis program. I've had 6 weeks of treatment and already my pain level is down from 8 to 2. I do my exercises daily and will continue to see Dr. Morris till I am completely well. He has an excellent staff. "


Dec 23, 2014
Stanley O Epstein
Pain reduced from 10 to 5 in 5 months "I became a patient of Dr. Morris and his staff and program in January of 2014 with sciatic pain literally in the butt of a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. By May of 2014, the pain was down to a 3. Thanks to Dr. Morris, his staff and program, I am functioning again, both from the neck up and from the neck down. I am continuing the program to keep it that way. "


Dec 11, 2014
Jamie S
"Such a knowledgeable team, and extremely considerate. I feel so lucky to have found Dr Morris and his staff! He was able to figure out what was wrong with me from one assessment and a quick X-ray, which he performed at his practice."


Dec 2, 2014
Cherelle K
Miracle Workers!
"I can't say enough good things about the Morris Center. Dr. Morris and his staff are EXTRAORDINARY. They have practically performed miracles, taking me from complete immobility to walking and being able to exercise again. I was able to avoid costly and invasive surgery due to the treatments from such a kind, knowledgable and compassionate staff. Dr. Morris is second to none and really knows what he's talking about. He's been disabled himself and knows what it's like to be in chronic pain. "


Nov 14, 2014
Stanley O Epstein
It was a fortunate find for me.
"At 86 years old I was looking for an alternative to surgery for a #10 pain sciatic problem after the epidural injections no longer were an option.. I started with Dr. Morris in Jan. 2014 and the pain was down to a #3 in May and has stayed down ever since."


Oct 27, 2014
Patricia Taylor
Extraordinary Treatment
"Dr. Morris is an amazing and caring Doctor. I had severe neck pain, but after my first visit I left the office feeling confident, that I had come to the right treatment center. After six months I feel 95% better. I rate Dr. Morris and his staff a perfect 10. ."


Oct 15, 2014
Joyce Tanisaka
Not JUST A chiropractor
"I have been seeing Dr. Morris for 10 years now. Prior to meeting him, I had accepted that my pain and limping for 2 years will just be a part of being a senior. Thereafter, I had several other ailments from twisted ribs, to my heel being so painful walking was excruciating to twisted ribs. Dr. Rick have saved my insurance thousands of dollars eliminating the need for costly drugs and surgery. I have since relied on his advise and extensive up-to-date knowledge in the medical field. "


Oct 4, 2014
Stanley O Epstein
The Program returned a substantial part of my life
"In January of 2013, the excruciating sciatic nerve pain in the left buttock began. Epidural injections helped for about 10 or 11 months and then began to become less effective. The pain doctor stated that the next step was major surgery with only a 50% chance of success. I commenced to search for alternatives. I started the program at Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center in January of 2014 and went down from a disabling 10 pain to a 3 in 5 months. Thank you, Dr. Morris."


Sep 27, 2014
Betty Quist
My First Appointment
"I just had my first appointment with Dr. Morris and I found him to be very informative. He spent a lot of time with me and did a very complete examination. I am looking forward to my next appointment when I will find out if there are any easy solutions to my back problem. I already spend a lot of time exercising and I am anxious to find out if I am doing the right things or not. I think that Dr. Morris is the perfect person to direct me and a knowledgeable and fun person to talk to."


Sep 19, 2014
John Larkin
"Every time I go to the doctor's office, I feel better.They have such a positive attitude about you getting better that it MAKES you feel better.I actually look forward to going to the doctor!"


Steven Goldman
"I am now entering the final phase of my treatment with Dr. Morris. I have gone from being scheduled for some serious back surgery to now working out with a trainer twice a week and living a normal life, with no pain. Dr. Morris is nothing short of being a life saver. I am so grateful to Dr. Morris for giving me my life back!!!!!!!!!"


Aug 30, 2014
Stanley O Epstein
Why, when, where and how it helped me and the pain I suffered
"The pain doctors and the orthopedic surgeons told me: "Stan, we've gone as far as we can with the epidural injections to relieve the sciatic nerve pain in your buttock . The only alternative remaining is major surgery with only a 50% chance of success.' At age 86, I did not like the concept of major surgery or the odds of success. In January I commenced the program at Dr. Morris when I had a pain of 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. By May, my pain was down to 3. Thank you Dr. Morris and staff"


Aug 22, 2014
Andrew Williams
"Just had my consultation with Dr Rick, great words and very clear on next steps. Nice to know, he is a patient too… Looking forward to full exam and getting on the program to get my back working and being smart about my back."


Aug 15, 2014
Steven Goldman
Back to Work
"My medical plan had me scheduled for surgery that would turn me in to the hunchback of Notre Dame. I have been working with Dr. Morris for about 3 months and I am returning to work in a week. I am pain free and I haven't felt this good in years. This program works!!"


Aug 8, 2014
John Larkin
"I never thought I would LOOK FORWARD to going to the doctor. Dr. Morris and his staff are so positive that I ALWAYS feel better when I leave! I have continued to improve with my condition as a result of my treatments. IT WORKS,YEAH!"


Aug 6, 2014
Eugenia Riordan
Upbeat welcome to my initial visit. Very encouraging!
"I am looking forward to my subsequent visits. My first appointment is in 2 weeks, and I am feeling quite positive that I have made the right decision to have Dr. Morris treat me for severe scoliosis, & other back issues. He spent quality time asking questions, and responding to my questions. The office staff was friendly and made me feel at ease."


July 22, 2014 Joyce Tanisaka Need more of Dr. Morris "I reside in a senior apartment and as I look around at my neighbors limping about, walking with their walkers, canes, etc.. I realize I could have been one of them had I just received one medication after another along with cortezone shots whilst my condition worsen. Since seeing Dr. Morris, I am totally off of pain pills and often call on him instead of seeing my medical doctors. I no longer need a cane or a walker to get anywhere. If only there were more of him to treat more of us. Mahalo"


July 21, 2014
Edith Dume
"I'm feeling so much better and stronger... I'm finally regaining my confidence that I'll be able to manage my stenosis and my pain, thanks to all the tools Dr. Morris has given me and taught me... I also enjoy going to his clinic because I feel that the people there and mainly the doctor really care and would do anything in their power for my well-being..."


July 16, 2014
Steven Goldman
Morris The Man
"As far as I am concerned, the sun rises and sets with Dr. Morris. He gave my back and I a new lease on life and should be in line to be canonized."


July 14, 2014
Stanley O Epstein
I have received the help when and where needed.
"In January of 2014, I had been suffering with sciatic pain in my left buttock. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, I was a 10. I had gone as far as I could go with the epidural injections. The surgeons said that the only thing remaining was surgery with only a 50% chance of success. I looked for and found an alternative. I enrolled at the Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center and, in 5 months went from a 10 to a 3. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Morris, and his staff. hanks"


July 6, 2014
Shanna Hughes
A positive experience in every way!!
"I took my father to see Dr. Morris for some posture and neck issues.. My father left there a few inches taller, exercises in hand, but more then that with hope. Over the session the doctor explained everything with precision and clarity. Dr. Morris has a God given gift with his ability to make the patient feel comfortable, cared for and informed with thorough answers.. Brilliant.. My family, friends and I will continue to visit Dr. Morris whenever we need.. "


June 14, 2014
"Dr. Morris is totally engaged in my healing process.He takes the time to make me feel comfortable with his genuine concern for my conditions. His staff is without peer. Everybody truly cares about my well being.He is, quite simply, extraordinary. I trust Dr. Morris unconditionally with my chronic back issues. I have gotten stronger and made incredible progress during my first 3-4 weeks with Dr. Morris.HE IS THE BEST!!! "


June 13, 2014
Joyce Tanisaka
Can't Do without Morris Spinal Stenosis
"If only insurance companies would allow chiropractic treatment. Since going to Dr. Morris, he has relieved me of pain from twisted rib, dizziness, severe sciatica, and no longer need to take cortezone shots for pain so severeI was not able to touch the heel of my foot or walk on it. Also after going to emergency and admitted in a hospital, he worked on my stomach to stimulate digestion and circulation which relieved the severe pain that doctors were not able to treat saving thousands of $$.


June 12, 2014
Amazing Patient Care
"Dr. Morris is an extraordinary doctor with such wonderful bedside manner. He is exceptionally informative and spends a great amount of time explaining to you in detail your condition and your treatment. You immediately feel you are in good hands. You can feel he truly cares for his patients and wants to do everything he can to help them recover and get you back to an active lifestyle."


June 7, 2014
Claudio Roque
Initial Interview
"Initial interview was regarding background on how I have the spine issues. Another session would take about 1 1/2 hours for a thorough examination. Schedule will have to be firmed up."


June 7, 2014
Doris Zeevi
Excellent Treatment
"I can't rave enough about the gentle, genuine treatment I received from The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center. They have made me feel at ease since the moment I walked in. Communicating with me effectively throughout the entire process. I am doing so much better, and was able to avoid having surgery. I can't thank the caring staff enough, and have so much gratitude for Dr. Morris. My pain is virtually gone. I highly recommend this treatment program!"


May 21, 2014
Patricia Serenbetz
Sciatica pain
"While traveling recently, I experience severe pain in my lower back. After visiting two doctors who prescribed pain killers, which is not the resolution I want. Dr. Morris is working on the problem, and after two visits, I am waking without pain. What a difference!"


May 15, 2014
Dr. Howard F
Knowledgeable and caring
"As a fellow Chiropractor myself facing what I believed to be a career ending injury I contacted Dr. Morris. Dr. Morris was one of my instructors back in Chiropractic college and I always knew him to be incredibly smart and passionate about what he does. But being on the other side of the table as a patient showed me what a kind and caring individual he is. I am grateful for the time and care he took in helping me get better and allowing me to continue on doing what I love for many more years. "


May 15, 2014
Steven G
Dr. Morris is The Back Man!!!
"The most thorough and professional examination and consultation that I have ever experienced in any industry. Dr. Morris and his staff are extraordinary. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has back issues. I am looking forward to working with him."


Apr 4, 2014
John Larkin
One of a kind!
"After years of searching with all sorts of specialists, I finally found the place that was able to treat me for my specific problem of spinal stenosis with a non-surgical treatment that alleviated years of pain and gor me on the road to recovery where I am better able to lead a fulfiling life.Thank you Dr. Morris and all of your caring staff! John"


Mar 9, 2014
Great doctor with excellent results
"I am glad to find Dr. Morris and receive his treatment to avoid a surgery. Now my treatment is more than half done. Dr. Morris and his staff are wonderful and well organized. I highly recommend everyone who has a back or a neck problem to consider a consultation with Dr. Morris. "


Feb 21, 2014
Donald Morris
Wonderful Doctor/ Rolls Royce Prices
"I was extremely impressed with Dr. Morris's initial consultation and it was among the most thorough and interesting ever. I gathered so much knowledge from that session; however, I thought the full exam was about half the cost of what it turns out to be. I cannot afford it at this time. That is all DWM"


Dec 26, 2013
SARA Kollmar
No ultimate treatment needed/ Much support
"Dr. Morris has such a caring, calming and warm bedside manner, that I would probably see him even though my back has seemed to get better on its own. I've watched the many reviews of patients who have gotten better due to his help, and I have no doubts of his abilities. I believe that if he says he can help relieve your pain, that he can do what he says. "


Dec 12, 2013
Darrin T
Incredible and professional
"I saw dr.rick Morris and he was extremely effective and professional assisting my ailment. I highly recommend using his services. He was thorough in his explanation to help me understand what is going on and was very effective in assisting my needs. "


Oct 27, 2013
Alice V
Serious Problem Solver
"I've only just had a consultation with Dr. Morris and can only say that he certainly seems to have the ears and keen interest of both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson put together on the determined trail to solving confounding back problems. I look forward to seeing what his intuition and technique can set right!"


Oct 3, 2013
My Visit
"My first consultation with dr morris was pretty good because of the way he handled me, questioning & approach so I feel like saved.I have now trusted him although havent got any treatment but the first approach tell me that am in a wright place with a wright person."


Sep 27, 2013
Todd Michaud
Thanks for all your Help!
"Dr. Morris is worth your time...would use again and Refer. My health(cervical) has dramatically improved since treatment with Dr. Morris...I went from a hunched over, mess of standing tall with a dramatic reduction of pain and increased mobility. Cheers!"


Sep 20, 2013
William Nelson
Review of treatment
"I was very happy with the treatment provided by Dr. Morris and associates. I was not so happy with office practices. I traveled a long distance for treatment and at times full treatment was not provided (no massage very important to me) arrived for treatment and was advised that I needed to begin paying for visits. I was informed that I had already had 34 visits,not "


Sep 10, 2013
Skip Harris One of the worse back problems Dr Morris has seen
"My pain went from a 10 down to a 5 over 27 sessions.Used an "inversion table" at home (after my 27 sessions with Dr. Morris) but did not understand Dr. Morris' directions (5 minutes at most per session on the inversion table). My pain creeped back up to an 8-9. I went back in to Dr. Morris and he immediately pulled me off the inversion table and began additional office treatment (no decompression first few sessions). I am back down to pain level 5-6. "


July 22, 2013
Vicki W
Can't wait to start
"I was so impressed with everyone at Dr. Morris's office but especially with Dr. Morris himself. For the first time, someone took the time to explain my condition to me. I was also relieved that Dr. Morris believes he can help me and that I can avoid having to have surgery. I begin my treatments this weak and cannot wait! For the first time in a long time I have hope."


June 6, 2013
Henry Sena
my 15 minutes with dr. morris
"after talking to dr. i will now have a full consol with the dr. i believe they will be able to help me. after i get going i will do an update on my treatment"


June 4, 2013
Lauree Moss
Excellent treatment and caring!
"I was afraid I might need surgery that had no guarantees to live without pain. By working with Dr. Morris and his staff now for 20 weeks I feel hopeful that I can have more and more days without pain and learn tools to help myself. I am still in his full back program which has put me on a healing journey. I will get stronger and have a fuller life. I know that now!!"


May 1, 2013
Andrea P
"Dr Morris and his treatment has given me back my life. I was regressing and sad about my physical situation. My loving husband of 38 years and I expected to dance and travel for the next 38 years. This was becoming a doomed plan. Now only after 2 months I feel my old self returning. I have been empowered and have been taught how to take charge of my physical condition. Dr Morris is my roll model. "


Mar 15, 2013
Robert (Skip) Harris
Thorough Exam
"As a first time patient and nothing but bad experiences from other Chiropractors, Dr. Morris did a very thorough exam after listening to my description of my back and leg pain. He asked good questions and I felt he knows what he is talking about. Next step is a follow up to review my MRI's and give me direction on what he may or may not be able to do for me. He seems very knowledgeable and caring."


Jan 24, 2013
Awesome Doctor
"Dr. Morris and his crew are awesome! If you have back pain, don't waste your time with other doctors. The sooner you get there, the sooner you're going to feel better."


Dec 29, 2012
What a Doctor Should Be
"My initial consultation and exam with Dr Morris, was the most complete that I have ever had by a Chiropractor, and I have seen over 15 in my life. His experience as a patient with symptoms much like mine is one of the things that has given him a superior medical model and philosophy compared to other doctors out there. If you are considering care from ANYONE for your back, you owe it to yourself to at least have an initial consult by Dr Morris. ."


Dec 5, 2012
Chip Warren
The Right Care
"I've had a lot of different types of chiropractic care over the years, and when I walk our of Dr Morris's office, I do so know that I'm getting the right care for my overall health. The level of detail, communication, and just all around human empathy is difficult to replicate. It's comforting to know that whatever lies ahead with regard to my care, I'm taking care of my body and I'm on the path to feeling consistently better."


Dec 5, 2012
Best & most caring chiropractic office
"Dr. Morris has treated me for several years...for major help following accidents & injuries and for 'routine' maintenance for my back. He CARES and his staff CARES about how you feel both physically and mentally after treatment and that you heal properly. I was referred originally by a friend and will continue to refer others so they can benefit from the treatment, and personal and professional care provided by Dr. Morris and staff as I have."


Nov 16, 2012
"I am a new patient to Dr. Morris. I still have a ways to go to recovery. Everyone here fills you with confidence. They are patient and empathetic. What a relief I felt as I noted everyone here is dignified and free of off coloured jokes. Dr. Morris himself sets the bar very high. He is honest, empathetic and kind, leaving you with no room for self pity. I have come to I expect the same thing he does, that I will do well and regain my life."


Oct 3, 2012
Horst Kleinschmidt
Decompression treatments
"I am very happy with treatment with Dr. Morris and his staff. They are all knowledgeable and efficient . Dr Morris did some tests to find a previous fracture and scheduled me for kyphoplasty and Dr. Tim Davis uses a biologic cement which helps the bones heal. I am hopeful for the results of the decompression drm9000"


July 19, 2012
Emily Assayag
Great experience, great doctor
"Dr. Morris is obviously the real deal and if spinal stenosis is your issue then I certainly recommend Dr. Morris."


July 5, 2012
real help
"Dr. Rick Morris is passionate about what he does, he's one of the leading educators in the field, and he intuitively understands how the body works and can heal itself. He has a first-rate support team and they've been helping me stay physically healthy for years."


June 27, 2012
Todd Michaud
Avoiding Spinal Surgery...Thank You, Dr. Morris!
"After interviewing everyone in the Biz...I settled on the best, to treat my ailments. Marcus & Dr. Morris are Experts."


June 16, 2012
Kinue Kleinschmidt, spouse
Sinal Stenosis Center
"My husband has had spinal problems for a few years and in constant pain. Nothing seemed to work. Dr. Rick Morris studied his CD's and explained things in detail with photos and spoke about the RX procedures that they would be performing. Both the decompression along with ancillary therapy to strengtehn muscles and ligaments. He is scheduled for his first RX of decompression and am looking forward to a new direction."


May 16, 2012
Keep it moving!
"Dr. Morris has treated me for several years including injuries to my back, neck & knees sustained in various auto accidents. His diagnosis, treatment, care and exercise advice continue to 'keep my body moving' with minimal or no pain. His staff reflects his professionalism and caring manner. I was referred to him by a friend and have referred other friends and family who have also had great care. "


Apr 30, 2012
Chip Warren
In very goods hands
"Dr Morris came highly recommended. Now I know why, and I heartily pass on that recommendation to you!"


Apr 26, 2012
Almudena Alcazar
Drs. Visit
"Dr. Morris is great, he understands pain, since he has gone through it. I was impressed and hopeful."


Dec 11, 2011
Dolly Payne
Wisdom and Compassion
"I recently had the pleasure of receiving an exam from Dr. Rick Morris.Not only did he impress me deeply with his wisdom but he moved me with his compassion. A great doctor and a great man."


Dec 6, 2011
Kristi A
Doctor seem great
"I was impressed with the doctor and his attention to my issues. However the office has not followed up with me as promised regarding my insurance and scheduling of an appt."


Nov 15, 2011
Dale B
"After years of chronic lower back pain, just a few visits to the Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center have virtually eliminated all symptoms. Follow up visits and at home exercises maintain a pain free lower back. I highly recommend that you explore this Center, especially if you want to get on the roadto permanent improvement in all things spinal."


Oct 19, 2011
John Wry
Didn't know I had fractured vertebras!
"Dr. Morris helped me figure this out and sent me on the right track for help. 6 months of pain and agony and I can finally see the light and get help. When my fractures are fixed I am going to ask him to help me again . He is the one who helped me the most. Excellent!"


July 21, 2011
Very empathetic doctor
"after listening carefully, he described very accuratelly not only my physical pains, but also understood the sicodynamics of life involved. I was impressed by his sensitivity, kindness and knowledge."


June 14, 2011
john mackenzie
the best chiropractic in los angeles
"the center is extremely well run. the receptionist is superb in setting up appointments, polite and flexible. the facilities are spotlessly clean. dr. morris is a very intelligent health provider, well versed in many fields, very sympathetic and a very excellent chiropractic. his masseur assistants are all very professional."


Apr 9, 2011
Morton Gorel
A Life Altering Spinal Treatment Program
A Life Altering Spinal Treatment Program "Everyone I have interacted with on the Morris Spine Center team has been a pleasure to work with. Without exception, I have experienced each of them as genuine, caring humans, who are also very accepting, knowledgeable and extremely competent. The treatment is custom-tailored to meet the individual emotional as well as physical needs of each client. I unqualifiedly have and will continue to recomment the program to anyone suffering with back discomfort."

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