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We've learned that many and possibly most cases of disc herniations are associated with poor blood circulation to the disc. It's visible on MRI as shown in the picture to your left. Notice that the two highest discs are light gray, while the lowest one is quite dark (the darker the color, the poorer the circulation. This makes it far easier for your disc to herniate and degenerate.

Often my patients believe the awkward bend or sudden twist that precipitated their pain was the cause of their disc problem. That isn't usually the case. We've learned that most typically, the disc has steadily been degenerating for many years before that fairly modest move which we've probably done several times before, actually "throws-out" our back, making us seek an MRI that reveals the herniated disc. Of course, a significant trauma can start your disc problem, especially if not properly and thoroughly treated.

Low back x-rays showing a normal disc and one with advanced degeneration (appears as a narrowed disc). Disc degeneration causes back pain, leads to disc herniations and narrows the canal from which the Sciatic Nerve exits.

Of course there are other causes of Sciatica, which are less commonly seen, such as a Synovial Cyst. These usually respond to non-surgical approaches as well. Click here to find answers for Synovial Cysts.

As we stated earlier, regardless of the cause, we treat the most severe, difficult cases of Sciatica with the highest levels of success reported in the medical literature. If you have signs of nerve damage: numbness, leg or foot weakness or pain that continues down your leg below your knee, if your pain is severe and lasting more than six to eight weeks or if you've been told you need surgery, please call us today at 310-451-5851.

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A research study of over 250 patients with severe spinal stenosis and disc disease (herniations, extrusions and degeneration) was performed at our clinic using our protocols (which are being taught to doctor's all over the country).

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