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Nine years ago you relieved the problems in my neck. Well, now my neck was once again acting up in a different way. Despite the long drive all the way to Santa Monica [from Seal Beach], I wanted your professional care. Now, two months later, I am feeling infintiely better. ...And your expertise turns out to be relieving a second problem that had been gradually getting worse in my low back for the past year...My worst fear was that irreversible osteoarthritis was developing. ...Exercises and your maneuvers...are making the pain go away and I'm feeling younger to boot! As a physician I have worked with many patients myself...It inspires me to work towards being an even better doctor myself, with my own patients--to be as good as you are with yours. With grateful regards, Hilary Siebens, MD Established the physical medicine department at Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA

My spinal stenosis was diagnosed in the summer of 2007. The back pain and leg weakness had conspired to prevent me from working as a urologic surgeon. I was at first treated with physio-therapy which actually worsened the situation. The next step recommended was epidural injections of steroids which helped at first but only temporarily. I researched the results of surgery for this condition and decided against the different approaches as the results were not patient-favorable. At the beginning of the year 2008, my pain had caused me to rely on narcotic drugs for relief. I was essentially a homebound cripple. ...His (Dr. Morris') history taking and physical diagnosis were exemplary. As a physician myself, I appreciated the expertise and time he spent …. I began the Dr. Morris treatment plan in March, and by July I had given up my walker, went to the YMCA for pool exercises, and followed Dr. Morris' exercise and diet plan. At the conclusion of the treatments, my pain had disappeared. My admiration for Dr. Morris and his staff is beyond words. He gave me my life back. John Grant, MD Urologic Surgeon

I truly believe that everyone has special people put in their lives for a reason. For me, you are one of those rare people…When I broke my back I was scared of how it would affect my future, but I was determined not to let it define my life. I searched for many different outlets from the pain, and went through a few different doctors. But, nothing seemed to help and I didn’t trust the doctor’s I had been treated by. At that point in my life, I didn’t think that there would be any hope for me to return to running tract at USC or for anyone…I became depressed and struggled to try to find myself a solution. When I came back to finish school I was still desperate for help and I remember Ashley talking to me about your practice. I became very excited hearing about the recommendation, but simultaneously I was nervous to try another doctor out. When I first met you, I felt in my heart that I could trust you and the presence you hold was comforting to me. You told me that I had a lot to be fixed, but that in time I would feel better. One of the greatest choices I have ever made was taking that chance. You don’t realize how hard it is to live in pain, until you are free from it. You then wonder how you ever lived before like that and made it through. You have changed my life in so many ways that there really are no words to describe my gratitude. Not only, do I have the choice to return to track, but I have my health back. That gift is worth more than anything and because of that I look at you as a blessing put in my life. I had prayed that I would receive a miracle, and you were what God handed to me. …you have done so much to better my life and future and for that I will always be indebted to you! Yours friend, Heather Hennessy USC Student and Middle Distance Track Athlete

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"Most of my adult life I have had some kind of back pain. I do have arthritis, osteoporosis and some degenerated discs in my back. For several years, medication, physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments have helped. About 2 1/2 year ago I took a bad fall, injured and bruised my left buttocks and side area badly. After some time, what was thought to be just a bad bruise continued to still cause a lot of pain and affected my walking. I was told I had Spinal Stenosis. I chose to have the epidural shot that for eleven months was great. Then the pain started again and I had a hard time walking... I came in (The Morris Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center) for probably one of the best complete examinations I have ever had for my back and body structure. I chose to do the treatments... I am feeling so much better now. I will probably always have some back pain because of my history, but the stenosis is no longer bothering me...I am not taking any pain medication... I feel so fortunate that I discovered Dr. Morris. I have referred them to others and I am so thankful for the help that they have given me." -- Barbara Gasparian

Back in March of 2003, I was injured in a car accident and was forced to seek treatment in the Los Angeles area...I first started with limited motion of my neck and back, as well as damage to my wrists. This pain was compounded by the constant computer use at my job, as well as the beginning signs of carpal tunnel. I didn’t have high hopes for my wrists, but in that short period of time I walked out of his office recuperated 110% ...His passion for what he does sets him apart from any other doctor with whom I have come into contact. Brian Gross President, CEO , Calendar Creations

If we are lucky, there are maybe 1 or 2 times when people enter our lives and really make a difference in our lives. Dr. Morris is one of those people to me... If you want a doctor who is competent, caring and is passionate about what he does, then Dr. Morris is the doctor for you. I cannot recommend him highly enough…I can never repay you for everything that you have done for me… David Henricks

Dr. Morris discovered that my right hip was 15mm. higher than my left. I had trouble with my feet for 5 years. After years of doctors and shots and orthotics—my feet still hurt. Dr. Morris began to slowly raise up my left side by adding a small lift into my shoe. Once we reached the maximum of 7 mm. he ordered special orthotics for me. I remember Dr. Morris laying on the floor to examine my new orthotics to make sure they fit perfect. Perfect was all that was allowed. Having my hip and back corrected and holding, and my posture and feet corrected and holding, I feel like a new person…I recently walked in New York City for 8 days and my feet and hip did not hurt me. This doctors office is unlike any I’ve ever been to before and I don’t think it can be improved! The proof is in the pudding-and I’m walking proof… Christine Briscoe


...in February 2003 when I developed (what an MRI two weeks later would show to be) a large extruded disc. The pain was initially excruciating. When it stopped being excruciating, my left leg became completely numb. My left knee reflex was almost non-existent. Physically, I was at a stand-still. I was use to power-walking 4 miles a day and to moving quickly. I was frightened and looked to orthopedic specialists for answers. Three doctors marveled at the size of my disc extrusion...I wasn't a good surgery candidate...not one of them knew what to do with me. Two and a half weeks after the injury, a friend of a friend called and literally insisted that I see Dr. Morris. He was convinced that this doctor could help me avoid surgery and recover. Unlike the others, Dr. Morris had seen my condition twice and had successfully helped these patients return to full health without surgery. My initial exam with Dr. Morris lasted longer than all three of my previous doctor visits combined. After 30 days of treatment, the numbness had disappeared. My knee reflex had returned. Better yet, I'd learned how to move, what not to do, effective biomechanics, etc. Most importantly, as Dr. Morris' patient, I have been priviledged to experience a level of care that pays attention to my fears, answers my questions and is 100% present and focused on my condition...I recommend Dr. Morris without reservation. --Sherri D. Cannon Executive Coach; The Cannon Group, Inc.; Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I woke up one morning feeling pain down one leg—it would be the beginning of a long journey…I went from doctor to doctor, had test after test, was given one med after another, was given traction repeatedly at a hospital, had x-rays, nothing helped. By this time I could not straighten up upon getting out of bed—besides the constant pain. All of this covered a period of nine long months. To say the least, I was miserable. A friend suggested her chiropractor. Of course my reaction was, “No, I don’t want to go to one of them.” About one month later (after seeing Dr. Morris), I was able to straighten up when I got out of bed and soon was pain free. To me it was a miracle…For the last 18 years, Dr. Rick has been a big part of my well being. He is exceptionally caring and sensitive and smart! --Niki Williams

I had been suffering from sciatica since December 2002, had consulted my primary care physician, and just completed a course of physical therapy recommended by my physician…The previous Friday, the physical therapist had stated the obvious—that the therapy had not made me symptom-free…the “other approaches” probably meant a referral to a pain center specializing in epidural blocks and that, if those were ineffective, surgery might be recommended. Co-workers suggested acupuncture or chiropractic—options never mentioned by my physician or the physical therapist…I was trying to ignore my symptoms and just keep functioning. That approach was not working. After 2.5 km of a 5 km walk that Sunday, I had to quit and return to the main event arena—very much in pain. And then, there you were on stage at the event speaking about sports injuries…In six weeks, your course of treatment had me symptom free and I have remained so…Not only have I returned to pre-injury physical activities, but also I have expanded my physical activities significantly. I feel great. I feel 30 again. Not bad for a 64-year-old!... --Donell Cohen, Los Angeles

Several years ago, I was involved in a car accident which left me unable to sit or walk without excruciating pain. After having x-rays and MRI examinations, I learned that I had two herniated discs in my lower back. During that time, I went to several chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons who helped my back temporarily, but the pain persisted. A couple of months ago, I aggravated my back again while exercising in the gym... After just a few treatments with this amazing Doctor and his caring staff, I was back to enjoying my active lifestyle again. I highly recommend Dr. Morris to my friends, family and anyone suffering from back pain or any other chronic ailments…I am forever grateful to you… --Lori Shapiro, Yoga Instructor

…recently, when my lower back simply couldn’t keep quiet any more, I paid a visit to Dr. Morris...Dr. Morris was more professional and knowledgeable than any orthopedist or sports doctor whom I had ever visited…While I’m no longer a starting second baseman playing college ball, I am currently enjoying a strength and agility, which I haven’t felt for years. I have had such great results with Dr. Morris and his team that I have recommended him to all of my colleagues, and even my fiancée. Everyone has echoed my enthusiasm… --Sean Hanish, President, LBC Advertising

When other doctors just want to treat me with drugs or tell me there is nothing else they can do, you kept working on my back and legs, so now I am moving with much more ease and no pain. I can actually straighten my left leg!...Seeing you on a regular basis is definitely the most important part of my medical treatment. --Sheila Noonan (Discussing her treatment with M.S.)

In my experience as Yoga teacher and director I have met many good doctors. Rick falls into the category of great. It is no exaggeration to say that Rick Morris is one of the finest chiropractic physicians in the nation. Over a long period of time I have referred over one hundred clients with a wide range of muscular skeletal problems, all received good results. Rick Morris is also man of high integrity who sincerely cares about his patients and spreads a lot of sunshine along the way. We in the health community hope and pray that Rick Morris lives a long time because we need him. --Larry Payne, PhD. Director at Loyal Marymount University Yoga Therapy Program, Founder and Director of Samata Yoga Center and author of Yoga for Dummies and Yoga RX

Never actually realizing that I had a herniated disc in my lumbar spine until getting out of bed and walking were almost too painful to bear, mine is a story that begins just after they slid me into an MRI machine... First, I was off to a specialist who told me that while I might be only twenty-three I certainly looked like I had the back of a forty year-old. This was followed by, "well, you're definitely going to have to look at what you want to do for a living because there are certain things that are just out of the question..." My next stop was to a world-renowned back surgeon who makes a living off the bulging and herniated discs of pro athletes. Yet, the surgery he would propose was, by his own admission, so risky it would be foolish to even try it. So they stuck me in physical therapy. Two-to-three times a week for months and months I rolled on towels, I rolled on balls, I stretched and was stretched, but it was all to no avail... Frayed and tired I was at the end of my rope... In my first week (of chiropractic care)I received three adjustments and immediately felt incrementally better. I cannot underscore this enough, remember I had been in physical therapy for months, yet after only one week of adjustments I was seeing major improvement. Suffice it to say that my back has only gotten better. Currently I receive an adjustment once a month or so and have minor back soreness maybe four or five days out of the month. I don't know the stories of others, but I thought you might want to know exactly what it took for one person to find something that has changed their life. --Jason A. Karsh, Advertising, Writer

I had been walking around (should I say limping along) for a year and a half. Shooting pains up and down my left leg. I am a good athlete, tennis player and skier, so the first diagnosis was a torn ligament. (Did Physical Therapy) Next diagnosis: Arthritis of the hip. Still couldn’t walk more than a block or two without taking time out. (“You are not very bad-get over it and get used to it”) Next diagnosis: Pinched nerves in my back. Prescription pain pills…… Then I read about Dr. Morris and his work at the Disc Center. I went onto their web site-and sure enough-there was myself, describing exactly what I was going through. I brought in my X-rays and my MRI-Dr. Morris said I had two discs that had moved over onto my left side. That was what was giving me the leg pain when walking. He was the only Dr. I had been to that had even bothered to show me the pictures…. I signed up for his program and I followed his instructions to the letter of the law. It is 12 weeks later. I can walk again without pain, I am going to play tennis and ski again, I can walk the malls and airports without sitting down every few minutes. No more prescription pills...no more worrying about where to park so as not to have to walk too far. This is an amazing treatment Center with the most knowledgeable and competent staff that make up Dr. Morris’ team. God was with me when I walked in here. They know what they are doing-and it works. Thank you and bless you all for your caring and compassion and also teaching us how to take care of ourselves better. I owe you all big time. I have my life back. Dr. Morris- you are the greatest Jenefer Lass National Sales Manager-Health & Beauty Care products

A few years ago I injured my back and was in great pain on a day to day basis…As time went on, my pain increased and it became more trying for me to perform my day to day activities. Being a mother of 7 who runs a business, I am extremely active and always on the go. I couldn’t imagine living my life with this constant pain. At that point, I was ready for back surgery. I thought there was no other way out and that surgery would be the only way I could fully function again. …I walked into my first appointment with no hope and walked out feeling like this man through his vast knowledge and ability to make me feel safe and comfortable may actually be able to save my back. Today, six months after I first met with Dr. Morris I can say I go days with no pain at all. To me, this is truly a miracle. With the help of an excellent set of trainers he referred me to, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Dr. Morris has shelped me start enjoying my life again and has helped me gain the strength I once had and never thought I’d get back. Sincerely, Michele Bohbot Owner of Bisou Bisou

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I thought I would be wheelchair bound and would never be back on my feet the rest of my life. The pain in my right leg was that severe. I’m a very athletic person. I take intense dance class 2-3 times a week, play a round of golf every week. Muscle fatigue and pain are my best friends. But one day in the summer of 2007, I noticed that some numbness and tingling pain in my right leg just didn’t go away. Not only that, it became worse and worse. When I walked a little, the pain in the back of my thigh down to the outside of my right calf to ankle got so severe, I had to stop, sit down, and wait until the pain subsided. The distance between the rests got shorter and shorter to finally down to 10 steps. It was the worst kind of pain that I’ve felt, so intense it was like poking my brain with a needle. Even then, I didn’t seek any help. As long as I sat down or lay down, I was ok, and I allowed myself to be chair bound for almost a month. My friend got me started with online research to find out the cause of this pain. Almost immediately we came across the word “Spinal Stenosis”. The symptom fit perfectly with mine that it gave me a sense of relief, the fact that there is a name for it, there must be a cure. However, as I continued research, I learned that the cure did not come so easily. There were many discussions and opinions on exercises, rehabilitation, and surgery, however, surgery was not an option for me. I knew deep down that I could fight this without surgery. He (Dr. Morris) gave me a through examination, asked me a hundred questions, and instructed me to have MRI taken to confirm his diagnosis. MRI confirmed that my condition was severe enough to be on his program. A little over 3 months later, I’m writing this to let the world know that my pain level is a humble 1 out of 10! (10 is the most severe) When I first met Dr. Morris, I gave him my pain level was easily over 8. I can walk with my friends in a shopping mall, do grocery shopping, and will be back in my dance class soon. I’m on daily exercise program to keep my back correct and strong. All these were unimaginable 3 months ago. If anyone is in the same condition as I was then, I know how it feels. And I am very fortunate that I met Dr. Morris and his great team of professionals; Dr. Tang, Marcus and Michael, and Mario. Thank you and hope there will be more patients like myself who find you and your incredible practice. Yuriko Imashuku Language Instructor

When I first came to Dr. Morris and The Non-Surgical Disc Center, I was having extreme pain in my lower back, with sharp pains running down my buttocks and left leg. I could barely walk. Standing or sitting for even the shortest period of time was very uncomfortable. Not wanting surgery or to mask my problem with painkilling drugs, I decided to go with Dr. Morris and the DRX treatments. After about two weeks of treatments the pain in my leg was gone and by the end of my rehabilitation program, my back feels 90% better. Which has allowed me to go back to exercising and working out to get even stronger?

Many thanks to Dr. Morris and everyone at The Non-Surgical Disc Center. Byron Browne UPS Driver

As a 26 year old construction worker, I suffered an injury to my lower back that left me with a torn disc and sciatica. After two years of visits to doctors at Loma Linda Medical Center and no hope left that I would ever be out of pain or live a normal life, I discovered Dr. Rick Morris. After my consultation and initial exam, he said I was a great candidate for DRX treatment. We hoped for a 50% improvement after 6 weeks of treatment. After those six weeks, I can truly say that I felt 75% better. My straight leg lifts went from 30 degrees to about 80 degrees! My medications went from a morphine patch to a pain pill once in a while. Dr. Morris, Chris and the staff of the Non-Surgical Disc Center of Santa Monica always went out of their way to make me feel like I was their number one patient and friend. Even though I was one of many! I would highly recommend Dr. Morris to anyone who has a back injury. In fact, my trips to the office took 2 to 3 hours in one direction and I would gladly take those trips in traffic again if I ever have to go for another visit. My only regret is that I didn’t learn of Dr. Morris sooner!! Thanks again for giving me my life back. There are not enough words to express my gratitude! Your Friend For Life, Anthony Fernandes

For my entire adult like I have been actively involved in the medical treatments of my spine and upper back dysfunction. From massages to surgical interventions, including spinal blocks. I was always hopeful that the treatment(s) I was enduring would cure my problems. In retrospect all of the treatments both medically recognized as legitimate and some that were ‘witchcraft’ only were palliative at best. They bridged me to the next ‘cure’ that I sought when the back pain returned. My journey had been trying and frustrating. Call it luck or just good research on my part that I learned about the treatment modality and treatment plan of Dr. Rick Morris. I met with Dr. Morris, explained my extensive back history issues and previous treatments. Dr. Morris took the time to listen, examine my previous MRI’s and x-rays of my back and spoke to my previous treating professionals. It is important to understand that I had input on what my medical treatment plan was to be with Dr. Morris, as well as what expectations I should have during the methodical treatment plan. From the physical examination by Dr. Morris, to the use of the spinal decompression table, to the specific physical therapy that I was participating in I always felt Dr. Morris and I knew exactly where we were and what positive effects I was experiencing. Now four months since the initiation of the treatment program for my spinal dysfunction I can report that I am pain free… My personal journey with this orthopedic problem which had in the past been painful and tortuous now is no longer controlling my life. I am clear as to what I continually need to do physically, to lead a pain free life without low back pain and dysfunction. Dr. Morris, because of his diligence and compassion has made a dramatic impact on my quality of life. Renee Goodman Woman’s Fashion Sales

When I recently started to have knee and groin pains in my right leg, it was misdiagnosed by all of the “know-it-alls” that I had a pinched sciatica nerve. …I have been living with a back injury from college football since 1953. At that time, fifty-three years ago, it was either the risk of surgery, which was a serious decision, or live with it the rest of your life- obviously, I lived with it. Now with two areas of back pain, I followed through and made contact with you and we had our first visit and conversation, at which time you assured me that I had severe pressure at the disc and vertebral level on the femoral nerve. At that time my knee was so painful that I needed a cane to just partially relieve the pain when walking. It was obvious that the decompression procedure began to reduce the pain in my leg immediately – to the point that I could at least walk without the cane. As each of the 20 treatments were administered the pain subsided respectively, to the point that my pain level has gone from a 9-10 level down to a level of one and even to zero at some times. Now it is three months later and I am on a consistent strength program to build the back muscles to a point that they will support the spinal cord in the decompressed position and keep the vertebras from compressing again. Thanks again, Rick, and to your entire staff (Chris, Sokon, Adian, and Pierre) for their attention and dedication – without them the whole procedure would not have been a success. Don Williams Retired Liquor Industry Executive

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