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In Your Neck!

As technology has advanced it has put the world at the touch of our fingertips.

Most Americans are glued to their cell phones for most of the day. Whether it’s texting, checking emails, making phone calls, checking social media, reading the news, or playing games the average American spends most of their time looking down at their phone.

This repetitive action has put a tremendous amount of stress on the neck and surrounding musculature. Over time this activity can lead to pain in the neck or upper back, forward head posture, rounded shoulders, reduced range of motion, headaches, and cervical radiculopathy. With technology here to stay it is important we practice healthy habits and develop a maintenance routine to avoid developing postural pain syndromes and keep our spine healthy.

Don’t Let Your Phone Be A Pain!

Here are some healthy habits to consider while using your mobile devices

  1. Phone position- Hold your phone at eye level and directly in front of your face making sure the screen is close enough where you don’t have to bend forward or strain to see the screen clearly.
  2. Take frequent breaks- Spend time away from your phone. If needed use an alarm or app to remind you to take a break.
  3. Posture- Maintaining good posture with your chin tucked and shoulders pulled down and back will decrease the strain on your neck and surrounding musculature.
  4. Stretch- It is important to stretch your neck, shoulder, and chest muscles periodically to ease muscle pain and tension.
  5. Maintenance care- Developing a neck strengthening routine will be beneficial in reducing the strain put on the cervical spine as well as help support the weight of the head. It is also recommended to seek chiropractic Maintenance care to ensure your spine is moving properly.

Don’t Let Your Phone Be A Pain!

Be posture mindful!

It is important to be mindful of your posture and try to avoid looking down at your phone for prolonged periods of time. If you need to be on your phone for longer than an hour then remember to take a break, put your phone down for at least 15 minutes and stretch!

If you are experiencing neck or upper back pain then call our office for more information on how we can help you or visit our website for more research and helpful articles like this one.

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Article written by Dr. Johnnie Morgan, D.C.

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