We are very proud of what our patients say about us, please take a look!

We are proud to announce that we have new ownership and directorship under Dr. Peter Le. We want our patients to know that we still provide the same family owned warmth and while the name and ownership have changed, our commitment to our patients has not.

John B.

Was diagnosed with spinal stenosis about 4 years ago but was dealing with the pain for 5 prior to seeing Dr Le. I am very happy I have a place to go get myself right. Thanks Dr Le and your staff for keeping me going.

Egidio D.

Was impressed to see Dr. Le, not only discussing about my pain, but also starting an “hands on” manipulation of my lower back, legs and feet, with various therapeutical pressures and moves, in order to better plan the upcoming start of (up-to) a 27 sessions’ therapy.


Dr Le helped my back and knee problem!! He really cares!!

Diane S.

Dr.Le is the finest chiropractor I have ever experienced. He listens intently to all of my concerns and then treats my tight back muscles. When I leave his office I am 100% better. I feel so fortunate to have him in my hectic, active life.

Rob V.

I have had chronic back issues for decades. With Dr Le’s excellent care I am now able to stay physically active. I can even walk 5-10 miles a day. It’s not a miracle… it’s just focused good care. I continue to do regular maintenance care as I work to stay healthy. By the way, I’m 67 and I plan to stay mobile and active fir the rest of my life!

Stephanie B.

Dr. Le takes the time to go over and write down all of the patient’s concerns and addresses each one. You are never rushed out and everyone works hard at making sure you feel better when you leave.

Lori W.

Great experience

Mark F.

Great and helpful as always!

John B.

Great visit today. Dr Le found the issue right away

Scott D.

Always good.

Carol S.

Staff is knowledgeable and attentive.

Colin W.

Dr Le, is very compassionate and well versed in his knowledge and explains things very well. I’m looking forward to what plan he comes up with to help me with my back and neck pain.

John E.

Dr. Le and his staff are top notch. They have saved me from surgery! I highly recommend their program.

Cindy V.

Very knowledgeable, very friendly, great communication. I understand the “why” behind each part of the process- thank you Dr Le!

Kattu K.

Wonderful doctor! He listens to your wants and needs to help solve the problem. I highly recommend doctor Lee!

Louise D.

I have a severe scoliosis and have tried many doctors and chiropractors, etc. Dr. Le gives me more relief than anyone else. He and Dr Morris have made it worth the trips I make several times a year from Eugene, OR. They are THE BEST!!

John E.

Dr. Le and his team are fantastic! Their comprehensive program has saved me from surgery on 2 ruptured discs in my low back, without injections or other band aid style medicines. I highly recommend the Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center program.

Bonnie S.

Always feel physically better and more positive about my future condition after a visit.

Debra O.

Dr Le & his team are professional, caring & knowledgable at what they do. Thank you so much for your great care! Dr DSO

Susan L.

I came to the Spinal Stenosis and Disc center 51/2 years ago as the result of intermittent back and hip pain. After seeing Dr.s Morris and Le for 20 sessions, I was generally pain free for the subsequent 5 years, able to continue my fairly physical job of working with very young preschoolers and enjoying a number of all day excursions to Disneyland and other amusement ventures with our grandkids. I think I became a bit too cocky, assuming I was cured for life and experienced a fairly intense flair up several month back. Returning a few weeks ago to the Disc Center (I turned down my Internist’s recommendation to see anyone else) and meeting with Dr. Le felt like returning home after a long absence. What a pleasure! Exactly as I remember him, Dr. Le. continues to be incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, skillful, professional, personable and without doubt possesses the most powerful hands of any human known to man. He does magic with those hands. I am so looking forward to also working with Dr. Morris when he returns, hopefully very soon. These two Docs make a great team and set me on the path to 5 years of productive work and enjoyable leisure time. I have promised myself that I will follow their advise religiously during and post therapy sessions and when I am once again on the road to being free of pain, schedule periodic “tune ups” forever.

Diane S.

So I missed my session with Dr. Le last week because my daughter was visiting and I wanted go spend every minute I could with her. I limped into his office today for his deep muscle work on my hip flexor muscles. Wow! I walked out of there with a spring in my step and no limp at all. He is amazing and a one of a kind find. I’ll be continuing to work with him after I finally get a hip replacement and forever. He is that good at what he does. If you are an avid exerciser and have muscke tightness and pain, Dr.Le is the one to see.

Skip H.

Always, the best treatment, professional and courteous. Dr. Le delivers pain relieving results.

Susan B.

I found The Spinal Stenosis & Disc Center online. After reading about their program and multi-faceted approach I made an appointment with Dr. Lee. I was suffering from radiating leg pain and weakness caused by spinal stenosis. Dr. Lee took over an hour going over my MRI and X-rays to show and explain to me exactly why I was having this pain. It was the first time a doctor had actually taken the time to show me my test results and explain them clearly. I had been offered only epidurals or surgery as treatment options prior to this. The epidurals only helped for a couple of weeks and I didn’t want surgery. Dr. Lee set me up with a 27 week treatment plan that included body manipulation by him, massage therapy by Salvador and 20 minutes on the DRX machine which stretched my spine to open me up and relieve the pressure on my nerves. I also was given exercises to do at home (which I did religiously). And the cIinic set me up with a personal trainer toward the end of my treatment so I could continue to strengthen my body to relieve stress on my back. I felt in control of my treatment and was very pleased with the improvement in my body. Most importantly I can’t say enough about the dedication, personalized treatment and genuine care I felt from Dr. Lee and the entire staff. At every session Dr. Lee and Salvador asked me how I was feeling, listened intently and adjusted my treatment accordingly. I have purchased a package for future “tune-ups” if I need them in the future. I really feel that Dr. Le and the staff are family at this point. I’m so thankful that I found them.

Ankica M.

I first came to the center in 2009. I was 76 years old with a history of arthritis and pain. After retiring, my lower back pain had become acute as my spinal degenerative disease progressed. I was looking forward to enjoying an active life and travel in my retirement. The pain was stopping me from fully doing so. I stumbled upon the Spinal Stenosis and Disc Center. I worked initially with Dr. Morris who who assured me that he could make it better. Within 6 months, his program of chiropractic, massage, and spinal decompression worked. The results were unbelievable – I was practically pain free and fully functional – able to travel to far flung regions of the world and enjoy my retirement fully. After the initial treatment, I went to the Center periodically for tune ups to keep my back happy. When I started having issues with my shoulder a couple years ago, I knew exactly what to do. At 85, I went back to the Center and started working with Dr. Le. He put me through a program of ultrasound, chiropractic and massages which have worked wonders at keeping the pain at manageable levels, increasing my shoulder mobility and minimizing my pain medications. I wholeheartedly recommend the Center. The staff work as a seamless team to deliver a customized program that delivers results. My lower back and shoulder are incredibly appreciative of the care and skill delivered by the Center’s amazing masseuses Salvador & Abraham and the programs developed by Dr.Le and Dr.Morris.

John B.

Dr Le is awesome. Can’t say enough about what he has done for me and getting my life back! Thanks Doc

Rochelle R.

I cannot speak highly enough of the help I’ve received from Dr. Le and his staff—Breanna, Stacy, and Sal. With a combination of spinal manipulations, massage, decompression, and exercises, I have experienced a significant reduction in pain during the 5 months that I have been receiving treatment. My confidence in the Center’s approach lies primarily in Dr. Le’s knowledgeable, careful, and emotionally attuned approach. He spent considerable time examining several years’ worth of imaging in order to identify the structural defects contributing to my pain. He subsequently spent as much time as was necessary to explain to me why I’m having the type of pain I described and to give me an understanding of what he would do (and I should do) to alleviate it. He remains attentive to and interested in my subjective experience of my pain and how it affects my life – and he remembers these personal details from appointment to appointment. Although I know that I will have recurrences of pain and disability, I feel secure knowing that Dr. Le will be able to offer explanations and provide interventions to relieve it.

Liz R.

Always a pleasure to be greeted when entering the office. Dr. Le is a skilled practitioner who works with me in my current state although problems are chronic and enduring. I feel attended to by his hands and the by Salvador who provides a relaxing experience to my treatment while attending to tensions in my body.

Todd M.

The utmost in professionalism, client care and talent. Highly recommended~

Skip H.


Tony S.

Dr Le is personable, professional and driven to solve back issues for each of his patients, taking the time to genuinely understand my specific issues. Highly recommend the entire team. Thanks

Robert M.

Recovery is a process that takes time and Dr. Le and team have been carefully working with me to achieve a pain free goal! I have been very happy with my quality of care and attention.

Ron S.

Great group….

Nanci W.

I am so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Le. I feel significantly better since starting treatment. (9 sessions down-21 to go!) I completely trust Dr. Le with my neck and look forward to my sessions and seeing his entire wonderful staff!! Truly blessed

Jeanne B.

It was amazing! It was just my first visit but I am so grateful that Dr Le accepted me into his comprehensive program. I look forward to my recovery and becoming the healthy, active person I was before my multiple spinal issues got the better of me. Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with him!