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I Think My Teen Has Scoliosis

Do you tell your teen not to slouch all the time? Could their poor posture actually be a sign of scoliosis? Learn more about adolescent scoliosis and what you can do about it.

Jul 8th, 2021
What’s Causing Your Synovial Cyst?

If a synovial cyst is the cause of your lower back pain or leg numbness or weakness, you not only need help to relieve your symptoms but to address the issue that caused the cyst to form in the first place.

Jun 10th, 2021
Do I Just Have to Live with Sciatica?

If you have sciatica, chances are you’ve tried quite a few treatments and still have shooting pain in your lower back, buttocks, and legs. You might even be wondering if sciatica is just something you have to live with. Good news — it’s not.

May 25th, 2021
5 Ways To Help Prevent Your Sciatica From Flaring Up

Sciatica feels like a radiating, burning pain that extends from your lower back to your legs. It’s a common condition, but it’s one that can make enjoying your favorite activities hard. Get tips to prevent sciatica flare-ups and reduce pain here.

Jan 1st, 2021